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About us

Our family-company was founded in 1993 and was formed throughout the years of cooperation with our customers to its today's state. We actually have more than 4800 active customers, own warehouse with over 5200 m2 and more than 10 600 items in it.

Our assortment contains all types of zippers in every surface finish and color inclusive infinite zipper-tapes, Velcro-fasteners and pullers. We offer our customers also individual adjustment such as adding their logo or adjusting length. We have our own complete assortment of threads with registered mark BALERINA® and we can also offer our customers a whole complete scale of textile fabrics.

Our philosophy is to provide You, our customer, the best service so that you can count on that your ware is always ready for you on time and with competitive price. In this way you can grow your business successfully which will allow us to grow with you. Our common way will allow you to concentrate your resources to development of new products or marketing and save the energy needed to search for the right component or material constantly.

Our customers are sellers, producers as well as wholesalers. We equip their beginning shops and stores with stands and hangers for zippers and threads or variable steel racks and shelves.

We actually serve our customers and supply our products not only in the whole Czech Republic but also in Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. We will be happy to supply You not only with general semi-products like threads and fabrics but also with final end-products made for you according your specification and under your brand.

Our whole assortment does of course have a wide scale of certificates and test-reports usually needed.

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