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Store equipment


We supply retail sellers with apropriate store equipment such as stands for zippers, threads, embroidery threads and so on.

We offer stands for embroidery threads in two configurations:

  • Wall-stand for 200 colors
  • Freestanding version 2x for 100 colors
  • Stands for thread coils:

  • Coils 100 m, 100 colors
  • Coils 100 m, 200 colors
  • Coils 1000 m, 60 colors
  • Coils 1000 m, 160 colors
  • Stands for zippers are equipped with hi-quality railbonds with high load capacity and long lifetime.

  • Pictures of zipper stands
  • All these stands can be shipped separately or as a complete set embeded in a wooden case:

  • Complet
  • design: Lollo