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Trading conditions

Our trading condition obey:
Acception of order into the state of "Accepted" we make with a customer a Buying contract, which obey this Trade conditions and laws. By ordering, the customer accept these conditions and agree with them. These conditions exist for all trade cases, unless is dealt otherwise by scriptual form.

Prices of products

Products are delivered at the actual price, unless dealt otherwise. Prices, which you can see next the products after registration does not include postal charges (transport expenses). Packing charge, VAT and postal charges (transport expenses) are added after the order is finished.

VAT - Value added tax

  • If you are citizen or firm from EU with seat out of Czech republic or Slovakia and you pay for VAT, we will send you our products at prices without VAT.
  • If you are citizen or firm from EU with seat out of Czech republic or Slovakia and you do not pay for VAT, we will send you our products at prices including VAT.
  • If you are citizen or firm with seat out of EU, we will send you our products at prices without VAT.

Another notes conected with prices:

  • The products saled with discount have no respect to other individually dealt discounts (this is an information for our constant and big customers)
  • We reserve right to mistakes and changes of prices, for example in case of sharp change of financial courses or sharp changes of producer`s supply conditions and other suppliers of products.

Postal and packing charges

Price of postal charge depend on country of delivery. All the prices you can see lower do not include VAT.
The country of delivery Postal charge Packing charge
Czech republic 75,- CZK - bank transfer 0,- CZK
95,- CZK - cash on delivery 30,- CZK
The others Dependent on weight of shipment 30,- CZK

Minimal value of order and charges

Minimal value of order is not specified. If the final price is under 500,-Kč without VAT, the operating charge 50,-Kč is further accounted.
In case of sending order carry forward, the packing charge and transport expenses are always accounted. The orders paid by bank transmission are free of packing charge and transport expenses in case the value of order is above CZK 3000,- excl. VAT (Valid only for shippments to addresses in the Czech Republic).

Way of delivery, times of delivery and possibilities of settlement

Products are delivered by public transfer service to the customer`s address. The time of delivery depend on country of delivery.
  • We dispatch the orders to CR usually immediately and they are delivered normally to 24 hours after the delivery is accepted by transporter.
  • The orders to other countries will be delivered to 4 - 10 labour days since you have settled your order to our account or since you have rezerved your financial resources on your account.

We offer these settlements:

  • Carry forward – only for customers from CR. Customer settle the price of order in cash to emplyees of transfer service during receiving.
  • Settlement in advance pro-forma invoice – a retainer invoice is drawn for customer. When the invoice has been settled, the products are sent to customer.
  • By invoice - We offer this kind of payment individually based on deal.


Complaint obey appropriate provision of Trade code. Guarantee is restricted entirely to compensation of the product, all other compensations are foreclosed. An inauguration of complaint procedure has no effect to buyer`s duty to cover drawn invoices in time. It means, that it is not possible to stop the settlements because of complaint procedure.
The guarantee does not include defects, which were caused by unrespecting of given washing and treating symbols, unprofessional or thoughtless manipulation, using product in conflict with its purpose or direction to operating, mechanical damage or attrition. The guarantee cannot be put on products, which interacted in combination with another material and damaged the product. That is why we recommend to do an experiment before initiation of produce.
In case of lesion of product with transport (Czech post, DPD etc.) and unless you complained the lesion of package by letter, it is necessary to report the complaint at latest to 24 hours. In the complaint you should bring in the number of order, the sort of product and amount. Late comlaints will not be confirmed.
The place of assertation of the complaint is our premise in Mnichovo Hradiště, labour time of complaint department is Mo-Th 7,30-16 h. , Fr 7,30-14 h,. The customer settle the transport into the place of complaint.
There must be enclosed complaint by letter to complained product including description of defect and suggestion of execution of complaint and copy of proof of purchase (invoice).
We will solve competent complaints by change or reparation of product, eventually return money. Only a seller, who report to buyer a way and time of execution of complaint, can decide about a form of solution of the comlpaint. In case of competent complaint, the seller ensure the transport of changed or repaired product to the customer at one's own expense.

The others

The seller reserve the right to corrections or changes of these universal trade conditions.
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