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uvod BOLERO is a polyester-polyester core-spun thread: polyester filament yarns are covered with a sheath of polyester staple fibres. The polyester cover provides an excellent abrasion resistance. BOLERO guarantees perfect seams with a fine, smooth and slightly lustrous aspect. It is resistant to most chemicals and is thermaly stabilised which results in highest levels of resistance to stretch, shrinkage and pucker.

This type of threads has the widest usage from all the PES threads. Bolero has an excellent strength. This quality makes this type of thread ideal for sewing in special automatic machines.

odkaz BOLERO 120:

For all „light“ clothing, underwear, any automatic sewing, bed-linen,knitwear, curtains,etc.

odkaz BOLERO 100:

For suits, jackets, trousers, coats,sleeping bags,eiderdowns ,knitwear, foundations, coats, household linen.

odkaz BOLERO 80:

For workwear,sportswear,denim,leather clothing, bags, rucksacks.

odkaz BOLERO 60:

For leather products, upholstery, mattresses, denim, sport clothing.
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ID Description Color Price [CZK] Unit Pack- age
BOLERO 120-5000m core-spun 001 
001 69,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 120-5000m core-spun 500 
500 69,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 80-5000m core-spun 001  
001 79,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 80-5000m core-spun 500  
500 109,00 ks  10 
BOLERO 60-5000m core-spun 001  
001 89,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 60-5000Ydscore-spun 500 
500 89,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 50-5000m core-spun 001  
001 99,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 50-5000m core-spun 500  
500 149,00 ks  12 
BOLERO 30-5000m core-spun 001  
001 99,00 ks  10 
BOLERO 30-5000m core-spun 500  
500 99,00 ks  12 
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